Sep 2007 :: Different Journeys, Art in Health, University of Northampton

Title: 'Silhouettes' 
Donated by: Geetha Alagirisamy
Media: Acrylics & Mixed Media on Deep Edge Box Canvas

 Several Ovenden Contemporary Artists donated pieces to the project along with many others and these were exhibited at the Art In Health Conference held at University of Northampton in September 2007. 

The School of The Arts and the School of Health within the University collaborated on this international conference. There were research paper presentations, arts workshops, performances and exhibitions. The contributors seek to explore what role the arts can have in health and healing and to generate an international research community in this neglected area. The Different Journeys project contributed greatly to the conference.

An Introduction To The Different Journeys Project

"Even today, with the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse throughout the UK, discussion of the subject remains largely confined to criminal issues. These range between theft and muggings to feed habits, disorder and anti-social behaviour on the streets, and the huge profits from international trade in drugs. 

This project is about revealing the different journeys individuals make before arriving at a problem with or through drugs, alcohol or both. These are journeys that are, often, ‘secret’. And those who do know do not look on as they did the woman and her mum in a boat. They don’t wonder at the risks encountered and the strength that brought about survival. Most will determine that the traveller ‘shouldn’t have gone there’. The assumption is always that the traveller knew where he or she was going. Yet, we all make journeys we wouldn’t have made with the gift of hindsight. Factors beyond our control can result in our deviating from the better-travelled paths. 

This is the opportunity to step aside judgement and to help others to do so in the future. 

We hope that the efforts of all those who get involved with this project will help towards replacing prejudice with tolerance, and ignorance with understanding. In turn, the greater awareness that is achieved may result in more support for the many excellent agencies struggling to provide services for people who ‘shouldn’t have gone there’."

Andy Shaw, Different Journeys Project Manager, C.A.N. 

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