23 Jun - 24 Aug 2006 : Intro:2 - Ovenden Contemporary

Needhams Restaurant
Witchford, Ely, Cambs CB6 2HT

'INTRO:' is a regular series of exhibitions, showcasing a deliberately eclectic and exciting collection of new paintings from promising, emerging British artists. 

A diverse group exhibition of exceptional contemporary art by six new and emerging British Artists.

Quote from Ovenden Contemporary : 

We are very pleased to feature the distinctive abstracts of Geetha Alagirisamy from Cambridgeshire, fresh from 'As Yet Untitled', the well-received group show of new and emerging artists at Blackfriars Arts Centre in Boston, Lincolnshire. 

Geetha's striking work is an exploration of colour and texture, used abstractly to represent human emotions. 

"....(she) endows her paintings with a richness and a vibrancy that reflects the cultural diversity she was exposed to when growing up..."
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